Advice for your vacation in Santorini

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Advice for your vacation in Santorini

Advice for your vacation in Santorini

And now we can officially start dreaming of islands, beaches -Santorini car rental-and days away from the city center. Ugh, yes!

Ok, you know the basic things to properly organize your vacation. You make sure to book tickets early enough, as well as a hotel room. But until that “holy” day arrives when you will board the ship, what procedures should you follow? Okay, my tips are very basic, simple but life-saving since between us, we are all last minute girls.

Rent a car in Santorini

First of all, you should know that Santorini is a large island. This means that you will need a vehicle to move around. So it is better if you rent a car in the airport or port  -Santorini port rental-the minute you get there. Especially if you are there with friends, you will need to see as many places and beaches as possible, so a rental car is what you need!

Research about Santorini in advance

Study the area a bit before you go. It is better to note which places you want to visit and make a rough plan.Nevertheless, the holidays do not need a fixed program but to know which beach is close to which attraction and which restaurant. Do not waste your time by trying to figure out the routes or which beach to visit at last minute.

Having  a rough plan in your mind will help you have a great time in Santorini! And with a rental car, you will manage to see many places and eat at different restaurants and of course, enjoy the magnificent sunset of Santorini in Oia!

Make your own backpack

The backpack is one of the most convenient bags for holidays, especially in summer. So, make sure you have all the necessary things with you (including sunglasses, tickets, wallet, mobile, sunscreen, an extra shirt) and so you can be comfortable and safe all day. We would also throw in some snacks during the difficult hours (like cereal bars, crackers and water).

Having a backpack with you is the best decision you will make. You can take it to the beach, leave it in the car and even go for a hike in the beautiful landscapes of Santorini.

Take photos

If you have a camera then do not leave it at home. And those from the mobile are perfect, but as much as the click of the camera has a different feeling. Take care to capture the most beautiful summer moments and then print them. After all, how long do you have to do it?

You need to capture the beautiful scenery of Santorini, the Red and Black beaches and of course, the sunset! You will for sure regret not taking pictures so please bring your camera! Furthermore, it is a good chance to invest on a camera or a phone with a spectacular one so that you will be able to capture all of the fun moments of your vacation!

Plan in advance and take your leave early

Organize your schedule and make sure you inform your colleagues relatively early on when you will take your summer vacation and schedule all your meetings until then. This way you will not have to stay in the office until dawn on the last day. This can also help you book your vacation and stay inside your budget goals.

If you wish to visit Santorini, it is best to do so in June or in September. There is less people during these months and the vacation packages are much cheaper.

Book your beautician before vacation

And while men are not stressed about anything, we still have to do hair removal, manicures, haircuts and … roots. Plan them for the week of your departure because you know that the girls who take care of you in those days will “drown”. You want your vacation to be perfect so make sure to pack your beauty routine products and be flawless!

Pack the right clothes

Because it has happened many times that you are on an island and in the end you do not like any of the clothes you have in your suitcase, this year you will be a little better organized. See what you want to take with you, check if it “goes” for you, if you have made the outfits that make you a goddess (not that you are not but of all things) and just throw them in the closet. We want you to be especially careful in the “swimsuit” case.

We hope that your vacation in Santorini this year is going to be amazing!

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