CLR Septic Treatment


CLR Septic Treatment

CLR is a brand that perhaps you have heard of.  They have a number of household cleaning solutions most of which have a fairly decent reputation.  Most notably their Lime Remover Treatment cleans out old shower heads quite effectively returning them to original form.  In this instance, we are discussing the Septic Treatment from CLR.

CLR Septic Treatment ( ΥΔΡΑΥΛΙΚΟΣ ΑΘΗΝΑ ) comes in an easily handled liquid formula.  It is much easier to deal with than those cumbersome 5 gallon buckets that leave so many homeowners unable to lift or move around.  The treatment is priced very affordably much like the RID X brand; both companies are selling to the masses through storefronts nationwide.

While CLR Septic Treatment is easily accessible any many of your local stores, we were concerned about the fact that we could find very little about what CLR’s method of treatment was, or what exactly we were  putting into our systems.  While the brand name is reputable, we thought it a bit strange that so little information was available.

Applying CLR was very simple, like most of these monthly treatments.  Again, like RID X, CLR chooses to only offer a monthly maintenance supply and not offering specific shock treatments for symptomatic or backed up Septic Systems.

In our testing we used this treatment on a moderately slow moving system.  No actual blockage of the drains, but slow moving water and odor are present as well as some mild flooding in the yard.  While we thought these symptoms may be a bit much for CLR, but we wanted to test it on some visible symptoms.

Unfortunately,  CLR Septic Treatment is a great monthly additive to help keep and maintain new septic systems, it will definitely help prolong the life of your septic tank if used regularly.  BUT if your septic system is not new and it is showing some symptoms of being backed up, it just isn’t strong enough by itself to deliver.

As we stated on other reviews, our goal here on this website is to provide consumers the most affordable alternative to eliminating unnecessary pumping or septic system replacements.  If you have a new septic system, then CLR is an affordable option for your to use, but use it regularly.  If your system is older than 2 years old or it has begun to show symptoms of slowing down, you may want to read the reviews of our Best Septic Products to see if it is the right choice for you.

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