Come to Santorini Greece for the coolest beaches!


Come to Santorini Greece for the coolest beaches!

Do you want… islands? Want something different? Do you want to avoid the islands where everyone goes so that you feel that you are on top of each other? And then, Mykonos and Rhodes don’t do it for you… Our travel website goes overboard… And proposes the ten islands in Europe where one can find something different, unique and with just a few beauties.

Greece is honoured once again. From the Cyclades we have Santorini island and from the Sporades to Alonissos. Santorini has the advantage of a huge variety of Santorini Day Tours and having bet on the alternative form of tourism that hears in the name of “walking tourism” and Alonissos due to the unique Marine Park in Europe.

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1. Millet, Croatia

Millet is a Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea. It has 1,111 inhabitants and is the eighth largest Croatian island. The largest part of the island is about 54 sq km and is Croatia’s protected national park. It attracts few visitors by ferry from Dubrovnik and remains a sought after destination because it does not have an excellent attraction.

2. Alonissos, Greece

The Greek islands that tend to attract attention are in the south of the country, but head to the Sporades which are forgotten. Undoubtedly, Alonissos is a dreamer of nature. It has the only National Marine Park in Greece and a wide variety of birds. You can navigate the sea to observe dolphins, seals and hawks.

3. Santorini Black Beach, Greece

Even the most famous island clusters in Greece include islands that do not get the attention they deserve. The Cyclades are easily accessible by ferry from Athens and fun lovers head to Mykonos and Ios while Santorini beaches attracts romantics. However, Santorini has magnificent valleys and ancient trails, making it the ideal destination for hiking. The town is full of seafarer mansions, but its charm can be perceived by camping in the olive trees.

4. νland, Finland

The vland Islands form an archipelago in the Baltic Sea. Located at the entrance to the Gulf of Botany, they are an autonomous, Swedish-speaking region that belongs to Finland. The islands as a whole constitute the smallest region of Finland. The islands consist of the main island, “Fasta Island”, home to 50% of the total population and an archipelago to the east, comprising over 6,500 islands and islets. Here you will find some museums about the history of the islands and the maritime tradition of the area, but their main element is the tranquility of the surroundings full of wooden houses and lime trees.

5. Orcades, Scotland

The Orcades is an archipelago located near the northern coast of Scotland. The archipelago consists of about 70 islands, of which 19. It is home to some of Europe’s oldest and best preserved archaeological sites. The Heart of Neolithic Orkney on the island of Mainland is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

6. Tavira Island, Portugal

The island has large white sandy beaches, which are organized and have bars.

7. Formentera, Spain

Formentera is a Spanish island in the Mediterranean that belongs to the Balearic complex. It is the fourth largest and southernmost island in the complex. The name is derived from the Latin word frumentarium and means wheat. It has a population of 10,583 and is located 6 km south of Ibiza. The capital of the island is Sant Francesc Xavier. Its charm is that the visitor can’t do many things here.

8. Elba, Italy

The island of Elba is the largest island in the Tuscan archipelago and the third largest in Italy after Sicily and Sardinia. The landscape is wild with many hills and low mountains. One can go to the island either by boat, about an hour’s journey, or by air. It is known as the island where Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled. In 1860 the island was united with the Kingdom of Italy. More recently known for its wine, it is also a popular tourist resort.

The sea water in Greek beaches is excellent!

In the top five excellent of European countries with high water quality on their beaches and lakes, Greece was found according to the European Environment Agency’s annual report. Specifically 97% of the waters tested in Greece were considered excellent, especially in Santorini , the Aegean sea, with only Luxembourg, Cyprus and Malta having higher rates.

In 2016, the quality of water in the bathing areas was assessed as “poor” by 1.5% (1.4% for EU countries). Between the 2015 and 2016 bathing seasons, the absolute number of bathing waters classified as “poor quality” decreased, from 383 to 318 (from 349 to 302 for EU countries).

The highest number of “poor quality” bathing areas are in:

  • Italy (100 bathing areas or 1.8%)
  • France (82 bathing areas or 2.4%)
  • Spain (39 areas or 1.8%)

Overall, according to the annual report on bathing water quality, over 85% of bathing sites monitored throughout Europe in 2016 meet the highest standards of “exceptional quality” which means, as the EEA points out in its Communication, that they were, for the most part, free of pollutants harmful to human health and the environment.

Bathing areas meeting the minimum quality requirements set by European Union rules exceeded 96%.

The assessment collected water sample analyses from more than 21,000 coastal and inland bathing areas and thus provides a good indication of the areas expected to have the highest bathing water quality this summer.

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