Google Penguin: Fight Against Poor SEO


Google Penguin: Fight Against Poor SEO

Once again, Google has dropped a bomb on the SEO world. This time its a new spam-fighting algorithm update that goes by the surprisingly innocuous name of Google Penguin. Needless to say, there has been considerable fallout just days after the release.

If we look at things from Googles point of view, the update was released with the aim to provide more relevant results for search terms. While webmasters and small businesses, struggling to get their websites ranked on Google, see these updates as a menace determined to push them off the grid, Google is actually trying to clean up the SERPs from irrelevant web pages that dont deserve the spot. If you are a website owner guilty of practices such as link spamming on forums, leaving comments and responses on unrelated content and duplicate content, it is highly likely that you have also been penalised and possibly even kicked off the rankings altogether.

Of course, there are those who have actually seen massive ranking leaps as well. While the culprits of shady link building practices have been unceremoniously nudged off the rankings, the websites that have been adhering to Googles policies by offering unique and valuable content along with ethical SEO practices have been rewarded with higher rankings. Nowadays, many SEO companies and content writers are a dime-a-dozen.

Therefore, it is time for website owners to consider quality SEO services providers that stick to Googles guidelines so as not to have their clients tumbling down the rankings with each update to the algorithm.

One important thing to wrap your brain around is the fact that Google is actually removing the credibility of poor quality links. Of course, the more poor quality links you have placed on behalf of your website, the harder it will fall down the rankings.

One way to avoid Penguins scrutinizing glare is to consider SEO practices that focus more on high quality themed content, clean URLs and appealing websites rather than scattering links high and low. Yes, this will take time and effort but it is a much better alternative to cringing at every update Google implements.

Moderation of SEO practices and proper social networking presence are the key points of managing high and stable website rankings in the long run.

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