Sprinf Surfing Fashion Looks

Sprinf Surfing Fashion Looks

Sprinf Surfing Fashion Looks

The Wardrobe Wagon is a personalised styling platform that presents gleaming trends of fashion through musings in both life and travel. Here we  give you unconventional and stylish ideas of giving your monotonous closet a ramp-ready twist. From Western drapes to Indian attires, we blend vogue with variety amusingly for our readers.

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Let’s hope to have a fantastic start with our first blog post and to look forward to many more with spreading love and appreciation all the way. Cheers!

ALL THINGS 70’s Spring is here on full swing and so is the style and elegance of the 70’s back. It’s time we play with our favorite vibrant colors and add that little piece of accessory that will make people fall for your outfit. Skating Duck is definitely right in the feels this season and is making my outfits look oh so glam!

LOOK 1: Ripping it off!

Summers are for sassy crop tops, ripped denims, a bag pack and also your life saving sun glasses. This look has been entirely about the casual comfortable chic. A very minimal outfit was given life by wearing the beautiful ying yang choker on the neck and by carrying the stylish hologram bag pack.

Also sunglasses are my favorite part of summers. So many designs but a limited pocket. Hence these sunnies here stole my heart. Affordable and funky, they are perfect sun-beamers. Crop tops will always be my main get-ons even if that stomach pops out, because let’s be real, you can’t define beauty by its size, Can you ?

LOOK 2: Bringing back the 70’s

The 70’s are coming back in a big way this season and this is one trend that I am definitely going to try every now and then, because who can say NO to trousers that hang like a skirt but actually are pants,right ? Off-shoulders always remind me of the 70’s fashion and the extreme beauty and elegance. Adding a choker is the best decision to wear with your very pretty yet simple outfit. Let’s go back to time and experience the beauty!

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